Monday, February 01, 2010

Report Card

And so about a dozen days ago, the Boss's Son received his report card.
Physics: 42 / 100 (You coulda been a contender....)
Biology: 63 / 100 (First Class. No More, No Less.)
Calculus: 10 / 100 (Can't earn, Cannot Count, Can Definitely Spend!)
Chemistry: 55 / 100 (And the ratings continue to slip from their lofty perch of 100%...)
Geometry: 30/ 100 (What goes round.... Comes in 3 shapes - round, oval, and globular.)
Algebra: 52 / 100 (The equations are changing)
History: 25 / 100 (When Rome burnt, I wept... When your father weeps, I....)
Geography: 5/ 100 (French Windows, a Higher Floor, A Garbage dump, a graveyard...)
P.T.: Fail.
IQ: Fail
Interpersonal Skils: Fail
Ambition: Pass
Achievement: Fail
Result: Condoned and Promoted to Year 2 of a Wonderful Marriage.

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