Monday, January 11, 2010

GOLDen Opportunity

Hi All,

I had an ISB interview yesterday.

When I waked in, they were busy counting money manually. In 100 dollar bills. They were all wearing suits. All six of them. Black Suits with White Shirts and Black Ties.

Mr Pink asks me: Why do you want to go to ISB?
Me: There is gold there sir. GOLD!
Mr White: Where is the GOLD? We dont know about this. We wuz there 2 days ago.
Me: Why you think Telangana want Hyderabad!! there is GOLD there!
Mr Aquamarine
Sorry readers, This is my Reservoir, I choose the colors!)
Mr Aquamarine: So What are your Plans after ISB?
Me: Las Vegas or Bust!
Mr Pink: Bust? Whose Bust? That marble one in the foyer? Thats worth nothing.
Me: No sir,
Mr White interjects: Shut up! Spoke when spoken to! Mr Pink stated, not questioned!
Me: Sorry sir, I thought this was a relaxed interview. Not a stress interview.
Mr Yellow: This boy is useless. He thinks this is a stress interview, when even I know that this is an ISB interview.
Mr Orange: So boy, Why ISB?
Me (exasperatedly): BECAUSE THERE IS GOLD THERE!!!!
Mr White: Alright fine, where is this GOLD you speak of?!?!? Near the CAS? Or in the Lake? Or near the Tennis Courts?
Me: (Silent)
Mr Red: You, boy. If there is GOLD in ISB, why didnt we find it?
Me: *sniggers* No comment sir, on grounds it may incriminate me.
Mr Aquamarine: Why should we recommend you to ISB? (Furiously counting notes).
Me: Because I am the best GOLD-DIGGER in the world, sir.
Mr White: (thumps the desk suddenly) ENOUGH! Answer this. If the world was square, and the diagonal passed through New Delhi, would Mumbai be on the Equator?
Me: If the world was square, all the animals in North America would do the Macarena, and the Rubiks Cube would be obsolete!
Mr Aquamarine: If Telangana is formed, will the Ganges be merged with Infosys?
Me: If Telangana is formed, The Western Ghats will be merged with Madhya Pradesh.
Mr Pink: Sing a song for us
Me: Oh when the saints... Oh when the saints come marching in.. I'll be standing in my undies... When the saints come marching in...
Mr Yellow: What if you do not find GOLD in ISB?
Me: Sir, I will become a deep sea diver who plays music on the radio.
Mr Red: Ok son, any questions for us.
Me: Sir, why are you counting Money and what is that Money for?
Mr Orange: Good Question! This is the next bailout that Obama wants to administer to the US Economy. He wants us to count before he announces it. We are charging him an hourly rate and we insisted that they be delivered in 100 dollar bills so we could maximise our rates.

I got up to shake their hands. Suddenly I found myself stretching my hand out and grabbing a pile of the currency and running. On my way out, I turned and screamed, "Just in case, Sir. Dollars in hand is worth GOLD in the bush, sir!"

And then I woke up and wrote this post.



Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Pranay the Srinivasan said...

Thank you, Anon!
Did you know that most obscure but insightful sayings are attributed to you?


Pal Sin said...

:) hilarious. You hit the nail there..

Pranay the Srinivasan said...