Wednesday, June 29, 2005

What else is on TV?

Video killed the radio star. That is one of the catchiest songs I have heard and also, one of the truths I like, because of it's simplicity and directness.

Like the old hollywood actor of the silent era, who could strike fear into the viewer's heart just by looking at him, who lost his job, ended up penniless and completely destitute because he had a squeaky voice that cost him his job once the talky era began.

I however, like radio. It's not hateable, because you can't see gaudily dressed women cavorting in their underwear. Neither can you see sombrely dressed newscasters broadcasting news from a News Station, owned by a News Corporation that is headed by an Australian, who has no scruples.

It's doesnt make you spend more on your laundry bills just because Pamela Andersen decided to run into the sea across your scene just at the precise moment that the curry-laden fingers were conveying food to your mouth.

Neither is it as large. You can carry it with you, and nowadays you can even stick it in your ears and block out the speeding truck heading towards you, the screams of your frantic friends waving out to you to move aside, and allows you to gesticulate wildly every time you realise that the Indians have hit a six., or that Saurav Ganguly has scored a fifty (which is very rare nowadays). I remember an ad for the newspaper with a guy sitting with a TV in his hands on a park bench. It made sense. So does a radio.

And I dont like TV. I dont like its smooth edges, and its grey-dark grey look, and its 3 wired inlets gaping at me, and I dont like having more than 3 channels to choose from, and I dont like it's blue screen, and I dont like having to choose what to see, and I dont like having no choice but to turn the TV off, and I dont like the plugged in games, and I dont like serials beginning with the alphabet K, and I dont like models trying to act, and Actors trying to model, and I dont like long long talk shows, and I dont like being able to see breaking news on the TV and I dont like wanting to know what else is on TV.

But then I reserve the right to change my mind.



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