Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Utekkare - Debut


I am Pranay Srinivasan, of Mumbai, India. Not to be confused with any and every other Pranay Srinivasan from any and every other nook and cranny from this megalithic edifice built on the platform of the largest monument of them all... A hugely under developed, under nourished, over abused secular democracy. Oh, and definitely not to be confused with the Pranavs, the Prannoys, the Praniths, the Ganeshs (every tried pronouncing Pranay in a hurry over the phone??), the Pranay Shahs, the Pranay Chhotanis, the Pranay Singhs, the Pranay Sharmas, and all those sundry Pranays dotting the Indian landscape since the day my illustrious parents worked out the inmitable fact that the name Pranay is an amazing study in the act of unpronouncability, and repetition all at once, without taking away from the commonness... As a consolation gift I was left with an elephantine mountain of a surname that snaked from the Vindhyas to Kanyakumari...

No, Not to be confuddled with any of those names. Not at all.

And what is utekkare? I suppose during the debut of such a completely irreverent conjoint of words that come together with such fluidity and inventiveness to form the crux of my entire current blogging fixation, I would be grossly derelict in my duty if I did not expound on the meaning of this seemingly innocuous and ungainly word.

Well, it is a form made up chiefly of these 3 word components: "You", "Take", "Care". Note, gentle reader, that the focus of this entire exercise, as also the word, is on you. I am exhorting you to cease, desist, and avoid all possible means of self flagellation, simply because I am asking you to Take Care.

It is exactly this missive that I will try to project through my blog. Through a woven intricate web of deceit, libel, irreverence, disjointedness, irrelevance, I shall weld all my idiosyncrasies into a gripping, nay, laughable account of my take on Mumbai, Myself and all those items of presentable interest that cross my path from day to day.

phew. that was a lot for one day.



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