Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai

And finally, they have split up. And contrary to popular fears, both brothers have behaved reasonably rationally. The elder one, as befitting his seniority had promptly thrashed and completely outdone his younger brother, with panache, wisdom, and silence.

Instead of rowing upstream or downstream, the entire river has ended up with one brother.. I suppose he likes fish for breakfast... and the younger brother has climbed onto the rooftop, and was last seen clinging to one of their many spires that look like the wierd flying saucer towers in Central park as shown in Men In Black.

Unlike most siblings, they are quite different. The older brother is paunchy, buck-toothed smiling (like by default), and affable. The younger brother is lithe, projects a cool, hep, 'Youth Icon of the Year' image that could almost be true, until he opens his mouth.

The older brother will speak 2 words where the public media expects five. Most definitely he is completely at ease at a manufacturing industry where there are no explanations asked-for, only brown envelopes filled with crisp currency notes passing under their teak wood conference tables with amazing ease, before the right hand smoothly made its way back into the finely tailored pant pocket.

The younger brother is the media's darling, because he gives them the reason to earn their money - Grist for the Mill. He is the first diver to emerge from the green layer of opacity that covers the ever growing Reliance pool, and in doing so, he has brought attention to himself, and by running round and round the countryside (literally, and rhetorically), he has done something that was long considered taboo in the Maker Chambers orbits - he chose sides. And this is possibly was, as the Americans so aptly call "The Smoking Gun"....

But all said and done, I must say that it is finally the mother, who is sitting on that porch swing outside her house, quitely, with a grandson on her knee, rocking away, who brought down the curtain on perceivably the most illustrious, Hindu Undivided Family.



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