Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Exhibit A

I was supposed to visit Siddhi vinayak last night. It was Tuesday and I have been reliably informed that Ganesha takes time off from his hectic schedule to visit Prabhadevi on that day for a few moments at least.

Since yesterday it was raining like cats and dogs, I suppose he may have been delayed. Consequently, so were all the devotees with the inside knowledge on his whereabouts... like the time TOI ran a story on a mad crazy fan of Karishma Kapoor's... With some pride, and great incredulity, the tabloidsheet reported that he knew Karishma's whereabouts better than they did.. and sure enough, his information checked out.

Methinks that maybe my brother knew something too.. otherwise why would he delay going to the temple by 2 hours when on normal Tuesdays he is chafing to get to the temple??

Back to me. After all this is about me. I was supposed to go to SiddhiVinayak yesterday. But I didnt go.

It rained last night and this morning whilst Frisca was taking me for a walk... As we passed the large ground, she casually tried to urge me towards splashing in the large pools of tepid muddy water that regularly accumulate inside the ground this time of the year. I refused.

Frisca is a very intelligent creature, who is supremely aware of exactly how spoilt and pampered she is. Everything pales in significance to her ego. No, I wouldnt say ego. But a refusal to toe her padded line would be a gross affront to her.

I met one of my oldest friends again after a gap of almost 4 years... He's lost hair at the crown and I've lost hair at the temples. Between us we're like a complete baldy or a complete hairy.. whichever way you want to look at it :D. As my bro says, if it gets sparse, he'll turn to the ultimate hair management guru - Tirupathi Balaji for the complete hair care solution - uda ke haso... Who says just hairy heroes get all the stares?

more tomorrow.



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