Wednesday, July 27, 2011

And then there's me

And so these past few days after grappling with the tools to construct a multi-storeyed blog post, here is something fun I thought I could do..

So there's assinine and there's feline. There's notoriously homosexual and there's metrosexual. There's hygienic and there's facetious. There's facial hair and then there's me.

There's erudite and there's sanctimonious. There's understanding and there's pomposity. There's humility and there's highhandedness. There's Linkin-Park-Gotcha and then there's me.

There's smooth criminals and there's Ocean's Eleven. There's James Bond and there's Mission Impossible. There's Shaft and there's XXX. There's shoplifting-the-booty and then there's me.

There's girlfriends and there's lady-friends. there's stuffed lady fingers and there's fried brinjals. there's fantasies and there's cold showers. there's stale fungus and then there's me.

There's desperation and there's announcements. There's shadow-games and there's bravado. There's silent suffering and there's convenience. There's complete ignominy and then there's me.

There's first class and there's a toilet. There's room service and there's a bike pillion. There's velvet gloves and there's phadka-maar-ke-fan-chala. There's the nose pressed up against the glass display and then there's me.

There's "food-for-thought" and there's "chew-on-that-for-a-while". There's "oh-my-god-she's-so-hot" and there's "we're-just-going-to-be-friends". there's "i'm-allowed-to-sleep-with-6-celebrities" and there's "wake-up-and-smell-the-coffee". There's "can't-find-time-to-struggle-in-the-film-industry" and then there's me.

There's potential and there's ego. There's "he-has-the-skills" and there's "hes-a-faker". there's lots of ambition and there's a hot air balloon. There's "atleast-he-knows-how-to-swim" and there's a 100 foot fall into the ocean. There's squeamish and then there's me.

there's a blog post and there's a theme. there's a plotline and there's a scene. there's a good idea and there's a "failure-to-communicate". there's a literary masterpice gone-abegging

And then there's me.


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