Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A few points of view

And on a despondent wednesday evening, some points of view and ideas and mini-strategies (All my own work):

That the Indian cricket team has effectively proved that Saurav Ganguly and John Wright had nothing to do with their choking at over 10 finals since the last world cup.

Like two bowlers got 6 wickets in a match last week and both ended up on the losing side. Like two batsmen got 10,000 runs in One Day Cricket, and both were left handers. Like Saurav Ganguly scored 10,000 runs in 262 matches and is called a struggling stalwart of the Indian team while Sanath Jayasuriya scores 10,000 runs in 326 matches and is called a legend. Like India should always bat first and always choose heads. Like Virender Sehwag should be given a minimum of 2 lives per innings he plays to make a big score.

That on a rainy day, it is better to keep your laptop charged rather than discharge it early in the morning. that after everything said and done about broadband internet, only the dialup Internet VSNL lines worked during the entire flooding incident tragedy.

Like Page 3 regulars were commended on Page 1 for having the "humility" and the "compassion" to understand Mumbai's plight and Mr Kishen Mulchandani should be lauded for postponing his outlandish anniversary to celebrate 25 years of partying. Like maybe the events were cancelled less out of humanitarian values, and more out of the unavailibility of the guests.

Like Mr Amitabh Bachchan looked better on KBC in his suits rather than in his 70's floral shirts and leather jackets.

Like foreign-returned neighbours should be kept at arm's length.

Like all Mumbaikars agree that although we pay 58,000 crores as direct taxes but we deserve to receive Rs 1000 crore as compensation for our tryst with nature. And that it is only the norm that of all the relief money, only 10% should be distributed and the rest be appropriated by the interceding luminaries.

That 5000 rupees is supposed to be ample compensation for a hutment dweller who has lost his house, his papers, his family, his clothes, his savings, his entire life that was washed away in a torrent of rain water he had no idea about.

That DNA has hit me, but I am completely unswayed and I am unable to find the difference between DNA and Times of India.



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